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This is a website for the online worship service of the World Mission Society Church of God. … Please login to use the services offered to members. Log-in.

This is a website for the online worship service of the World Mission Society Church of God.

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Connect · Technical Support Volunteer. The mission of God’s Heart TV to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ all over the world requires many areas of technical …

Information about how to contact God’s Heart TV and connect with Brother Chris

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Moving Gods By LuYang (music by music for your plants)

God’s Agents: Biblical Publicity in Contemporary England – Matthew Engelke – Google Books

The British and Foreign Bible Society is one of the most illustrious Christian charities in the United Kingdom. Founded by evangelicals in the early nineteenth century and inspired by developments in printing technology, its goal has always been to make Bibles universally available. Over the past several decades, though, Bible Society has faced a radically different world, especially in its work in England. Where the Society once had a grateful and engaged reading public, it now faces apathy—even antipathy—for its cause. These days, it seems, no one in England wants a Bible, and no one wants other people telling them they should: religion is supposed to be a private matter. Undeterred, these Christians attempt to spark a renewed interest in the Word of God. They’ve turned away from publishing and toward publicity to “make the Bible heard.” God’s Agents is a study of how religion goes public in today’s world. Based on over three years of anthropological research, Matthew Engelke traces how a small group of socially committed Christians tackle the challenge of publicity within what they understand to be a largely secular culture. In the process of telling their story, he offers an insightful new way to think about the relationships between secular and religious formations: our current understanding of religion needs to be complemented by greater attention to the process of generating publicity. Engelke argues that we are witnessing the dynamics of religious publicity, which allows us to see the ways in which conceptual divides such as public/private, religious/secular, and faith/knowledge are challenged and redefined by social actors on the ground.

God’s Agents: Biblical Publicity in Contemporary England

God’s Gravediggers: Why No Deity Exists – Raymond Bradley – Google Books

Few can offer a more experienced view on religion than Ray Bradley. Having been raised as a ‘winner of souls for Christ’ in the 1940s, he spent the next 40 years as an atheist professor of philosophy and an outspoken critic /debater of religion. Revered for his work in logic and his meticulous approach to debate, God’s Gravediggers is Bradley’s coup de grâce to religion. A career’s worth of work on a subject that could hardly be more important. Approaching the moral, logical and scientific arguments – using rich analogies, rational arguments and examples that non-academics would understand – he explores not only whether God exists, but also what damage the concept of God does. A timely book in an age of religious fundamentalism, hatred and conflict. “Bradley does not gloss over difficult points of logic and reasoning. A pleasure to read.” Professor Graham Oppy, Chair of Council of the Australasian Association of Philosophy “From a young person’s rejection of Christianity, to a mature philosopher’s cogent critique of all religions. This compelling defense of atheism is a brilliant read.” Professor Robert Nola, University of Auckland. “Bradley’s forte is logic and he brings that to bear throughout the work. It is well-written and thoroughly absorbing. I have nothing but praise for his project.” Theodore Drange, Professor Emeritus, West Virginia University

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